Pre-launch, pre-beta, now “alpha-beta” countdown!

Hard to believe that simply buying a great home would yield a space for Rocket Town Radio! Last summer, while digging out the weeds in the backyard, I found what looked like a big, rusty hatchcover!

I cranked the locking wheel in the middle, opened it up and saw a shaft with an interior ladder. Wow! What a find!

Turns out it led down 99 feet into a secure, dusty, 1950’s-era bomb shelter. 18′ x 36′ of livable space (648 sq ft) I cleaned out, rewired, painted where necessary and stuffed in all of the computers stored in the garage.

Those pc’s now had much more work to be done! Assembled my “control panel” of light emitting diodes and audio vu-meters and radio scheduling StationPlaylist software. The phone’s red light is blinking…must be the news of the encoder’s arrival! The last piece of hardware before we sign on and blast off! –G. Cavanaugh

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