Player problems under the hammer!

Player launch problems being resolved at this time.
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Yes. True the streaming URL does NOT seem to work. Either in the VLC player or any other at this time. Dang it!

Houston Mission Control is aware of the situation. The stream is encoding through the Barix hardware and feeding our distribution center.

Priority list: 1) upgrade the Barix firmware according to support documents. 2) Communicate with tech support at Streamguys. 3) Post a status report. 4) Restrain myself from using an engineer’s all-purpose tool: the hammer!

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Listen to this, if you can!

Radio fans, here’s the URL to put in your listening player. Good luck, because not every player can catch the stream yet. Still have some bugs to work out!

Tell me if this works for you. Would really like to know. Meanwhile, I’m going to work linking the “facebook.com/rockettownradio” to places it should be found.

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