June Beckons Great Summer

When looking for a phrase, this came to mind: “May you live long and stay well.”

It’s almost a Spock-like, “live long and prosper,” but not quite.

Since my family roots are in the soil of the Scottish Highlands, I’ve learned lots of “colorful language,” to use a term of art. Yet the Scots translation of “May you live long…” looks almost like a curse!

“Lang may yer lum reek!” Perhaps meditating on the meaning of “lum” while in our zero-gravity chamber will give me a new perspective. It usually does!

Armed Forces Day, 2014

Armed Forces Day, 2014 and the US continues to be embroiled in wars far from our shores. As a Vietnam vet, I speak the truth when I say “no phony war is worth it.”

“Support our troops” with the best medical care, Congressional action on their behalf–and bring all of our soldiers home! This is my personal comment; your mileage may vary.

More John Mayall For Blues Fans!

“Rock n roll, blues n soul” is our mantra! Naturally, we play John Mayall, Gregg Allman and their bands set for the Avila Beach Blues Festival on the 25th.

In fact, there is no other Central Coast station playing more Mayall, Gregg Allman or Trombone Shorty. If you know of one, please send a short email alert to: rockettownradio (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks!